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Group Therapy

Thanks for showing interest in our therapy groups! We are very excited to offer a variety of groups that target sensory processing and pragmatic skills. Group placement is dependent on the child’s skill level. It is required that each child must participate in an evaluation and provide a current doctor’s prescription prior to being placed into a group to ensure the best fit.

Please contact Christen Troy at 708-478-5400 or for additional information.


We are currently offering the following group therapy sessions at Kids Can Do:

Feeding Groups (billing codes 92526 and 97150):

-Target behavior problems, gagging or vomiting, and difficulty chewing
-Expand food repertoire
-Led by an occupational therapist and a speech-language pathologist


Pragmatic Groups (billing code 92508):

-Target improving engagement in social settings, conversation skills, repairing communication breakdowns, maintaining eye contact, turn-taking, and listening and following directions
-Utilize role-play, social stories, scripts, and social thinking


Sensory Play (billing code 97150):

-Utilize sensory strategies to enhance engagement and interaction in ages 3-5
-Led by an occupational therapist  


2014 Group Dates:

Summer Group (15 weeks): May 4th through August 15th
-Sensory-based Pragmatic
-Sensory Play

Summer Group (10 Weeks): June 9th through August 14th
-ALERT group
-Gross motor play group
-Life skills group
-Handwriting 911
-Adventure movers

Fall Group (15 weeks): September 2nd through December 12th
-Sensory-based Pragmatic
-Sensory Play


**Download the group registration form for additional information on each group.

Summer 2014: 10 week group form




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